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King (Canon Only - 2/2) - King of the North and King of the Iron Islands. This group is reserved for Jon Snow and Euron Greyjoy.

Queen (Canon Only - 2/2) - Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Queen of the Bay of Dragons, this group is reserved for Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen.

Hand Of The King/Queen

Hand of the Queen (Canon only 2/2) - Both men serve as hand to the queen and are effectively in charge, if or when their royal is unable to perform their duties. Both of these are canon roles reserved for Qyburn, serving Cersei Lannister and Tyrion Lannister serving Daenerys Targaryen.

King/Queen's Guard

These are a select few soldiers sworn to protect the queen of the seven kingdoms, they are commanded by the Lord Commander of the Queensguard: Ser Jaime Lannister.

King/Queens Council

Trusted members of the Queen create a small council. They act as advisers of a sort and each have a role to play in Westeros. Daenerys Targaryen has a similar council made up of those she trusts, though her trusted Council are all Canon Roles. The Council only applies to Cersei, the rest merely have advisors. Job Roles for Queen Cersei are as Follows:

Hand of the Queen (Canon: Qyburn) - TAKEN
Lord Commander (Canon: Jaime Lannister) - TAKEN
Master of Coin - OPEN
Master of Laws - OPEN
Master of Whisperers - OPEN
Master of Ships (Esme Celtigar) - TAKEN
Grand Maester- OPEN


Lord/Lady is a title given to those who belong to a highborn house, including their children.


Knighthood is a rank that is bestowed upon warriors that have performed exemplary feats in service to the seven kingdoms. When greeting a knight you call them 'Ser'. Knighthoods are bestowed upon by the leader of the Seven Kingdom's and thus it is for the Queen to determine who is and who isn't worthy of a knighthood.

These are guards to the noble Families. Most families have men and armies at their disposal. Usually the bigger the army, the better off the house they serve.


Handmaidens are women usually of noble birth that serve a higher born house. This can improve their station and can make connections for things like marriage.


Commoners are merely the people of the kingdom. Those that don't belong to a noble house, and live simply. Sometimes the life of a commoner is hard as they need to scrape for what little they have and are usually treated poorly by those of noble birth.

Asshai Warlocks

These are people who hail from the Shadow Lands of Asshai. Within their people they have Spellbinders, Warlocks, Pyromancers & Blood Mages all extremely powerful. Their talents have long since been forgotten to the main land of Westeros & they now believe magic to be myth. However it is a group of these powerful magical beings that grouped together to attempt to use their power to kill the Night King when Melisande returned to their isle, even from across the Narrow Sea. Their attempt failed, however their power merged with the Night King's ability to resurrect and their power had inadvertently awoke those long since dead in the series.

Red Priest/ Priestesses: Religious mortals whose power stems from their Lord, The Lord of Light. Their power lies primarily in divination, able to see their Lord's will and interpret what he wants. Some are better than others. Though they hold no active power unless their Lord grants it. If they are blessed by their Lord their power is quite vast, to even bring back the dead.

Bloodmages(3/4): They are the most powerful of the Asshai Warlocks. Though it is only because their power comes from sacrifice. From someone elses blood or their own. Using their own blood to manipulate magical forces makes everything more powerful, however it has draw backs as each time it saps more and more of their own life. However typically the same trick can be done in reverse, and they can use the blood and life of others to extend their own. The older they get, the more frequently they have to do this to keep their youthful appearance.

Pyromancers(2/5): Their element is fire. They can manipulate fire, create it from nothing. Depending on their power level depends how big of an inferno they can create. Fire does not harm them however if they use too much of their power it can consume them, reducing them to ashes.

Spellbinders & Warlocks (0/6): They work hand in hand and usually work in pairs. Warlocks cast the spells though magic is unpredictable. The spell binder is there to set limitations before the magic was cast. Spellbinders act to ground the warlocks so they don't get lost in the power.

Night's Watchman

The Men of the Night's Watch, Watchers of the Wall. Usually bastard born children sent away. Once you join the Night's Watch you cannot desert. Desertion brings a death sentence upon your head.


Children born into noble Families, and are born to a different woman when the father cheated on his wife. This is the more typical scenario, however it has been known that the mother can be the adulterer. These children do not bear the family name and instead the last name reserved for bastards depending on the region that they live in. If both parents are a commoner of no consequence, the name is not needed. These names are as follows.

Flowers: The Reach
Hill: The Westerlands
Pyke: Iron Islands
Rivers: The Riverlands
Sand: Dorne
Snow: The North
Stone: The Vale of Arryn
Storm: The Stormlands
Waters: The Crownlands


Wilding are men, women and children who live beyond the wall. Westeros drove them out beyond the wall and they live among the constant threat of White Walkers. The men of the Night's Watch are frequently called 'Crows' by their kind and have been enemies for the longest time. The only wildlings left are the ones who escaped from Hardhome and now live in fertile lands in Westeros waiting for the Long Night to arrive., so they can pick up arms and fight for survival.


(Limited! 1/7) Faceless are those who serve the Many Faced God, who trained in Braavos in the House of Black and White. They are small in number but are extremely dangerous and nearly always accomplish their mission. They have the ability to appear as anyone as they refer to themselves as 'no one' and can emotionally detach themselves from a situation. Since they are few in number, this group is limited to seven. While Arya Stark completed her training, she is not included in the limited number.

Dothraki/ Unsullied

Dothraki are men and woman who reside in Essos. Each Clan (Khalassar) follow their 'king' who is otherwise known as their Khal and their queen Khaleesi. They have never left their lands as they fear the water as they cannot ride their horses across the sea. So the great green grass lands are referred to as the Dothraki Sea. At the moment every Dothraki Khalassar is united under their 'Khaleesi' Daenerys Targaryen and have crossed the Narrow Sea to aide her in her quest to restore the last Targaryen to the Iron Throne. No Dothraki Khal's will be accepted since Daenerys killed them all at Vaes Dothrak.

The Unsullied are an army of men who feel no pain. Trained rigorously by the slave masters of Essos. Any who didn't pass the training were put to death and only the best made it into the army of the unsullied. They are skilled and ruthless and they all answer to Grey Worm, who answers to Daenerys Targaryen after she 'bought' them from the slave masters and then ultimately freed them from slavery. Each man follows her out of choice, not out of slavery.

(Greenseers!- 2/2) (Wargs! - 0/5)This trait has only been shown to run in in northern bloodlines and the freefolk. As such if you wish to make a warg, they will only be accepted through this perceived herritage.

Wargs are people with the ability to enter the minds of animals and perceive the world through their senses and even control their actions. The act of doing this is called "warging". The ability starts out as vivid dreams in which the warg sees and perceives the world through the senses of an animal. Over time and with practice, a warg can enter the mind of an animal at will. A warg's human body will become comatose when his consciousness leaves it to enter the mind of an animal, and his eyes will glaze over white, until his consciousness returns to his own body. Warg's typically cannot easily enter the minds of other human beings and very few attempt it as the human mind is very active. Warging is an entirely separate ability from Greensight and is even more rare, and not all wargs are capable. Brandon Stark is not included in this limited number!
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