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Jon Snow
 Posted: Nov 5 2017, 02:52 AM
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jon snow
I was raised in Winterfell, being the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark along with my half siblings mothered by, Catelyn Stark. Whom was not my mother but ended up hating me so. I was treated next to my younger brothers Bran and Rickon, though i still think they were put up more highly then i ever was. After all i was a bastard. There was nothing really special about me really, i was mainly unwanted and that's truly all that i knew.

My presence was always a constant reminder to my step mother, Lady Stark that her husband had been untrue. It was never my intention to give her that feeling after all i just longed for her to take me as her own but i suppose it was the fact that i was never legitimized that she always so cold toward me.

But alas as i grew up an outsider in my own home, i even was forbidden to attend certain feasts and parties due to the fact that i was a bastard. It wasn't that my family did not love me, it was simply for the fact that they did not want to offend guests that were honored within that region. I suppose i don't blame them, after all it wasn't really their fault. They were conditioned all their lives to look at bastards the way they did. I only pitied them.

I was raised like a highborn, however. Even got the education for it as well by both Maester Luwin for the highborn education; Ser Rodrik Cassel for the martial training. Out of all my brothers and sisters i was close to both Robb and Arya. Robb whom was roughly the same age as i while being my companion often in training and riding. Arya for the simple fact that she was a Lady wanting to be a Lord, or something along that gander. So she often felt like a outsider as well which i assured her she was just being true to who she was. My little sister, Gods love her. I was also close with my little brothers Bran and Rickon. As for my interaction with Sansa, i suppose you can say it was the same as Catelyn's... cold. But i never held it against her, not once.

Me and my brother Robb was instructing Bran with archery when our father received word about a deserter of the Night's Watch, of which the penalty is death. I knew the price i had to pay for being lord commander in my days to come, but i suppose then i didn't really care much for that sort of thing. I just wanted to belong, somewhere. Anywhere. Anyways, we accompanied our father with three others. Theon, Rodrik, and jory Cassel to Holdfast where we watch as the deserter is brought to position outside. Warning Bran to not look away or else father would know, we watched as the man was beheaded. Seeing my little brother stand his ground, i ruffled his hair telling him what a good job he had done.

Upon our way back to winterfell, we found a dead direwolf with her pups littered around her. Which was strange seeing direwolves never really come around these parts so i pleaded father to let us keep the direwolves or at least let my siblings keep them. Having pointed out that our vigil even was that of a direwolf, he complied and i left myself purposely out to watch my siblings choose their pets before Bran caught on to the fact i was subjecting myself from the group. When he asked me about why i didn't choose one, i told him I'm not a Stark. As we were about to leave, I happened to come across the runt of the litter. White as snow and eyes as red as blood, the pup was an albino. Different from his family as much as i was. An outsider, so i kept him and called him Ghost. He is a very loyal and protective animal, i never have any issues with him either. If i had told him to sit and stay in Winterfell, he would sit and stay in Winterfell until i returned.

My time before King Baratheon and the Lannisters is a time i swear i wish i could just erase completely from my life, but due to a feast and the sake of Catelyn's pride. I was not allowed within the feast for fear i would offend the royal guests. So i stuck to outside, venting my frustration on a dummy before i was distracted by a man smaller than i was. He was the one that told me to never hide what i was, because the world would not forget. Instead, i should wear the name "bastard" openly, like armor so it could never be used to hurt me. When uncle Benjen arrived i had told him i was thinking about joining the Night's watch before father headed on south. So a couple days passed to where i spent my time with my family until the day i had to leave.

I ran into Ser Jaime Lannister whom taunted me about protecting everyone from the mythical beings beyond the wall, which caused me to be a bit irritated but he was a highborn that got what he desired which was understandable so i ignored him though i had heard whispers that he was the one that pushed my little brother from the tower. Which made me want to punch the smirk off his face, but i couldn't for fear i would make my father and Catelyn angry with me. So i said goodbye to Bran before heading toward my little sister, Arya. I gave her a gift that i had gotten made especially for her. Telling her to stick them with the pointy end, we hugged tightly. I hope the world doesn't change my little sister, i hope she stays just the way she is; forever. Perhaps meet someone that can handle a feisty thing like her, before i put them in their place for courting my sister but of course. After preparing my horse for the ride, Robb bids me farewell. Asking if i had seen Bran before i left before asking on how mother was. I assured him things were well and that i seen Bran before he jested that he doubted i would die. I told him Stark's were hard to kill before he states he'd visit me at the wall at some point. Agreeing to this we hug and i leave to Kingsroad with my father, before we are parted there with him telling me he'd tell me more about my mother the next time we got together. Accompanying Benjen and Tyrion we headed toward the Wall.

As we arrived at Castle Black, my expectations were soon shot down. You see this was the place where people dumped people that were unwanted. The criminals, the wastrels. But i went through my training. Swore my oath. After swearing my oath i was assigned to the stewards rather than the rangers, which irritated me because of my feud with Ser Allister Thorne. The man was a stubborn one he was. But Sam pointed out that the lord commander jeor mormont asked for me as his personal steward. i didn't think anything of it and went on like my fellow night's watchmen and did my job.

As days passed i grew concerned when my uncle Benjen's horse returned from the wall without him, then later on in the day Ghost finds the corpses of two rangers assigned to Benjen, Othor, and Ser Jafer Flowers. Learning of my father's imprisonment in Kings Landing i heard Thorne taunt me about being a traitor's bastard and it infuriated me. So much so that i drew a knife on him. Causing me to be restricted to my quarters. As the night ran on i heard the corpse of Othor attack Lord Commander Mormont. I saved him by burning the wight, earning his pardon for my actions prior. I was also given my sword, Longclaw-- Commander claiming that his own son fled into exile; leaving it behind. During my time at the watch was a lonely one, with everyone pointing out i was a traitors son during my time there, I got wind that my brother Robb was creating an army to march against the Lannisters for what they did to father, i was very much tempted to go and desert the Watch. But Maester Aemon talked me into staying with the watch.

when i got wind that my father's head was chopped off and put upon a spike. I simply left in pursuit to join my brother, once again i was told to stay.... Mormont telling me that the White Walkers was more important than the ploy for power in Kings Landing. As much as i hated for him to be right, i wish i had gone... i didn't care if i were to die at desertion. But if i was able to have left... i would have saved my brother, i would have prevented...

Anyway i swore that i wouldn't desert again and left on my mission with my other watchmen to seek out Benjen and find the threat. Passing through several abandoned wildling villages before we arrived at the home of Craster. Perplexed i learned that he incestuously married his daughters whom had no sons. Which caused a great dislike within me, i honestly do not know why. It didn't seem right but i headed Jeor's reprimand since he gave me and my black brothers shelter during the harsh northern winter wild.

Sam ended up appealing to me later to help a pregnant wildling that was afraid to have a son, but i disobeyed Jeor's order to leave Craster's wives alone and investigated just on what he was up to. I seen him leave a child for a creature hidden in the shadows before i was knocked out and dragged back to his home. Disarmed i was dragged to the keep, having my men expelled from his home. Jeor revealed that he knew Craster was sacrificing his sons but ignored it due to him being a useful ally.

We set ourselves up to wait for Qharin Halfhand and his party from the tower before he suggested to me on altering tactics and using smaller groups to overcome lookouts in the Pass. We sought to ambush the wildling watchers before i learned that the one i was fighting was a woman, to the point i almost laid down my sword. Hearing her name i swore to the Old Gods i would never forget it. Ygritte. I was ordered to kill her but alas, i couldn't do it. she wasn't hurting me so i figured it was better left to the gods to decide her fate than mine... but she ended up escaping. So i pursued and recaptured her, having become separated from the group. Deciding not to rejoin the group due to the approaching night seek out somewhere to sleep that i wouldn't get the brisk of the winter air that was seeping into my bones. Ygritte offered her body heat to keep each other warm and without little option i obliged.

Strange things happened when i was with this woman, from her trying to fondle me to her asking about my kind. On why we hated the wildlings. I didn't know, i was a bastard myself so i felt that it was a bit of the same thing so i couldn't very well answer her. But i suppose it was her teasing and taunting that got me taken captive. Being brought to this lord of bones only to be met with Qhorin and dead men. Told to act as a spy for the night's watch toward the wildlings we enacted a fight that caused me to slowly go up in rank with the freefolk.

We are lead on a journey to Mance when Qhorin once again uses Ygritte's distraction of messing with me to his advantage and picks a fight with me again. Only without realizing it i killed him for what he had said about my father and my mother. Hearing the oath on his dying breath i was taken to a massive wildling encampment. Leaving him for dead... something of which i didn't particularly wanted to do.

As i descended further into the camp, before i am taken to the tent of the king beyond the wall, Mance Rayder. I hear myself being explain to him to which he shows disinterest until he hears i killed my own black brother. I think briefly for a moment before kneeling in front of the man calling him your grace. i hear laughter... making a fool of myself before Mance tells me to stand stating no man kneels with the free folk since they do not have a class of nobility within their culture.

I'm asked why i want to join them in which i respond because i want to be free. I am not as convincing that i thought i was so i explained what happened at Craster's Keep. That i am disgusted with the inhumane act, of which i was in turn made me want to leave the Night's watch. That i want to fight for the side who fights for the living. By this speak i am told to get a new cloak... their cloak. Which might i add is warmer.

I marched to the south with the freefolk, being brought to one of his scouts, Orell. Noticing the whites of his eyes, Mance explains that he is a warg. Confused i listened as Mance explained that a warg was a person who was capable of entering the mind of an animal, to see what they see. Pretending i understood i followed the freefolk to the Fist of the First men. Surveying a bloody aftermath of assault on the Night's Watch by the wights. Only to find the corpses of the horses but not the men.

As time went on, we set to attack Castle Black. Going with Tormund, Ygritte, and Orell. We set travel for Castle Black. For this was a test of loyalty from the wildlings and i wasn't very trusting of Orell so i kept my facade up to the point that Ygritte stole my sword, causing me to chase after her once more. She was testing me on my celibacy to the watch... so... i reluctantly laid with her. I let her believed what she wanted because i didn't particularly feel the same, after all this was just a mission... she wasn't important as those back home were.

After we had laid i joined a party with Tormund to climb the wall before i am questioned again by Ygritte on my loyalty saying i should be loyal to her now. At this time i was more focused on what i had to do than to listen to her so part of me just gave her what she wanted to here while we climbed the wall. Only for Orell to think we were lost when Ygritte caused the ice to break and leave me hanging. Literally... so i saved us. To where she got to see both sides of the wall before she kissed me.

We advanced through the Gift toward Castle Black waiting for Mance's single to begin the attack before i confronted Orell for trying to cut us off, he was obviously jealous... i didn't know why. He was welcome to have her if he wished, she was only fascinated with me because i was different anyhow... but the only thing i really liked about her was her red hair. It reminded me of home. I am getting off topic, so the group was planning to raid a elderly horse breeder's home before i insisted that the man held no threat to them. So... i did the next best thing, i made sure the old man could get away. Which lead to him fleeing only to get captured to me getting roped into proving my loyalty of which i couldn't do because they wanted me to kill an innocent man. Watching as Ygritte's arrow soared through the man i battled Orell.

Out of surprise i seen not only Bran's direwolf Summer but Rickon's direwolf Shaggy dog kill two wildlings at my expense. Causing my heart to race wildly that my little brothers were out here in the wild, in danger. But i finally killed Orell only to be attacked by a bloody damn eagle. Acquiring a horse, i escaped heading back to the Wall. Hoping that wherever my brothers were, that they remained as safe as they could ever be.

Resting due to an injury i was found by Ygritte who already had an arrow knocked to shoot me. I tried to talk her out of shooting me, having found that i did grow fond of her. Telling her i loved her, she was still angry and let me flee only to shoot me three god damn times. Lords help me. I don't remember most of my journey... only that my horse carried me back to Castle Black.

I survived my injuries, as time went on i learned of my brothers death. i was silent. I have been silent for a time since that day. I want vengeance for what had happened to my brother. To Catelyn Stark even though she never cared for me... I just...

I was taken to trial by my brothers in black and i told the truth of what i had endured with the wildlings. Speaking the truth i was allowed to keep my head... surprisingly but i suppose I'm glad. It wasn't long before we gained more recruits and more trouble. I had issues with the stupid bastard Ramsay Bolton whom proceeded to harass me due to the fact i was still a Stark in the North. That i had helm over Winterfell and it threatened him. Mormont was killed due to Mutineers.

Not only was there mutiny within Castle Black we were also dealing with an invasion with the wildlings, that everything happened so fast. So... much so that for a brief glimpse i saw Ygritte, then she died. Right in front of me. I imprison Tormund after we had victory for the night.

Seeing enough death of people that i have grown close to i ventured beyond the wall to Sam's dismay... finding Mance in a camp up north of the wall. With the claims to negotiate, we drink a toast to our Fallen. I suppose i wasn't so subtitle on trying to kill him because he caught on but reasoning that he had a chance to kill me at any point and he didn't, so i refrained.

Distracted by the sound of war horns we look outside to hundreds of knights led by Stannis arrives to slaughter as many wildlings as possible, scattering the rest. When he approached i introduced myself as my father's son instead of bastard. Warning him to burn the bodies to avoid them returning as wights. I visit Tormund whom tells me to bury Ygritte where she belongs... so i do just that.

Long story short i was elected the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, presiding over a mess hall meeting, it was interesting when one of them insulted me so i had him taken outside and publicly executed. Learning from the way my father had done it a few years back... had it been that long? Anyways Tormund was set free on the condition that he would help me negotiate with the remaining wildling chieftains to pass through the wall. Considering Mance's army fled back to Hardhorne and we needed as many people as we could to fight the army of the undead that was steadily approaching. Reaching Hardhone.. i seen many wildling alike. Children, women, man, woman, elderly. It was astounding to see as many as i did there and then the wights came. We fought as best we could but we had to get out of there before we too became part of the army.

I learned that Melisandre, the red woman accompanying Stannis did something horrible considering we couldn't figure it out but i didn't bother with it considering i had more things to worry about like the army of the dead. So as i was heading toward my quarters i was tricked into one of my black brothers feigning concern and information on my uncle Benjen. When really it was a ploy to kill me and kill me they did. I was stabbed six times... each more painful than the last. I died and all i saw was ice.. all i saw was ice that held me like an old friend. The feeling didn't have a bitter feeling no, the type of feeling that you'd get when the sharpness of the cool touch made contact with your skin no. When i felt this coldness, it was inviting.

But as i laid there, i felt a burning within me too. A burning of life, like my soul was trying to ignite my body and i felt as if i were to suffocate. Images of people flashed before my eyes. In sequence, slow... then gradually faster before i took in a sharp breath and exhaled new life. Except this life... i always felt cold... at least i did for a time and i was naked, in front of the red woman... and a bunch of others. Which frankly was humiliating but i suppose i was needed for a reason. Maybe.

As i recuperate i come outside to find all the wildlings and night's watchmen here at my expense. The leaders of the mutiny rounded up for execution by Tormund and Edd. Acting in accordance to my father, i executed them. The law i will forever go by. "The Man who passes the sentence, should swing the sword". Free from my vows i gave the title of Lord Commander to Edd and set my leave for home. Well...i was until i got an unexpected arrival. Sansa. Staring at her in disbelief i couldn't recognize her at first, she looked worn. Beaten, but strong which made my heart swell to see such a woman that used to be so cold toward me make me feel. Without thinking i embraced her, hugging her tightly willing that if this were a dream... i seemly hoped that whatever Gods were in control to not ever let me awake from it. After that reunion with my sister, we set forth to take back our home, i would have lost if it had not been for Sansa and her connection to the Vale. To Baelish. That was when i was dubbed King of The North... even if i was not a Stark. But we risked a lot of people to take back our home, one of them being my little brother, Rickon. He did not deserve the way he died... or to die at all for that matter. After defeating the Bolton's and reclaiming our home, we set out to make allies with the Dragon Queen. My sister didn't wish for me to go, that Winterfell was my home. I did not argue with her that it wasn't, but in order to survive what was to come we needed everyone to help fight off the dead. So i left her in charge of winterfell and found out that Ygritte had been resurrected. As much as i wanted to stay with her and live our lives the way i wanted we had to do this for the betterment of mankind, not just me. So as i made alliances with Daenerys Targaryen, i felt a connection with this dragon queen that everyone feared. It's strange to explain really though she has been a bit coarse around the edges, but who hasn't? At least we were a live... well for a while i was wondering why i was alive, that the gods were mistaken. But i was wrong, the lone wolf still survives...


Fire flickered behind his eyes as he laid sleeping in what would be his last night here. The start of a cool sweat was beginning to form under the fur of his covers as he tossed and turned. Hearing whispers and the voices of the people whom he had killed due to the mutiny that they had brought upon themselves when they had killed him not but fort nights ago. It wasn't until he saw Catelyn's face screaming and coming at him that he woke up with a jolt. Breathing heavily he surveyed his room, running his fingers through the tangle of his now sweaty black hair before sighing. Letting the hand fall back into the covers as he sat up.

Glancing down, he ran his fingers over his fresh wounds and winced slightly. They weren't suppose to hurt like they did, were they? After a brief pause, he pushed himself out of bed and began strapping on his armor. Getting ready for the his journey, a journey to where? He didn't exactly know only that wherever it took him he'd be able to get his home back. If not for himself, for whomever remaining Stark was left. As he grabbed Longclaw, he turned to head outside before being addressed by one of the messengers of Castle Black that a raven came for him a few days ago. The parchment held the sigil of the flayed man, but Jon was not worried about it for now. After all what good would a parchment written by a sick bastard be good for? Nothing, so dismissing it he went outside.

Upon stepping foot outside, his head inclined to the grey skied morning. Feeling the first fall of snow gently dusting his face as he let out a breath that bellowed in a white puff of smoke. Curling upward into the morning as he smiled softly, it was a new day. A new chapter in his life, though he was still a bastard. It didn't really bother him much anymore of the title, after all he was used to it. He had been all his life. As he inhaled the crisp air while walking down to his horse that was ready for his long ride, he heard the gates open slowly. Thinking it being another refugee or another candidate for the night's watch, he disregarded it as he tightened the saddle upon his steed. Beginning to mount when he heard a familiar voice in the winds of winter. Stopping, he slowly looked over his shoulder and felt as if all the world had stopped moving.

Struggling to get his foot out of one of the stirrups as he made way toward the Northern girl. She looked so different, so... more mature and downtrodden. But most of all she was shivering and looked like she had been running, her eyes glassy with fear and determination to live. But she was safe now, the winter couldn't harm her now that he was here. Gods he was glad she wasn't here when he was still dead... he was glad he wasn't dead. For he wouldn't have seen this beautiful sight. Without another moment, he quickly moved toward her and embraced her tightly. Feeling her petite body light in his arms as he lifted her off the ground. "Sansa..." He breathed.

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Jon Snow,

Welcome to the site Game Of Thrones, Fire & Fury. Your character has been accepted! Please ensure to make sure your claims have been updated and please make a plotter! Please make the effort to plot with others, as they will to plot with you! Thank you for joining us and we can't wait to see your new character in the world we create together! Have fun!

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